Padlock 90RK/50 TITALIUM™


The all-weather lock: This solid padlock made of rustproof TITALIUM™ special aluminum with integrated shackle guard and replaceable cylinder protects your valuables in wind and weather.

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Our 90RK/50 Titalium™ padlock features an integrated shackle guard.

Can be used in wind and weather, lightweight but robust, and corrosion protected: our 90RK/50 Titalium™ padlock. We recommend it if you want to secure higher-value objects or where there is a high risk of theft. The 90RK/50 Titalium™ is also a good solution in sea and port areas, for example to secure vehicles, boats, boxes, and other things that are in constant outdoor use. The solid lock body is made of TITALIUM™ special aluminum and is equipped with a precision pin cylinder. The shackle is made of stainless steel and therefore weather resistant.
Application example - 90RK/50 TITALIUM™


  • Lock body made from TITALIUM™, a special aluminium alloy: high security at low weight
  • Shackle made from high quality stainless steel, double bolted: high resistance against pulling and torsion
  • With integrated shackle guard to protect against bolt cutter attacks
  • Extreme corrosion resistance
  • Precision pin cylinder
  • Interchangeable cylinder: if required, the lock can also be adapted to existing locks
  • Key retaining: key is needed for locking (lock retains key until locked)


  • To secure valuables / goods of greater value or at a high risk of theft
  • Ideal for severe weather conditions (e.g., in sea and port areas, for securing vehicles and boats in outdoor use)
Tech Specs
Width a: 50 mm
Vertical clearance c: 22,5 mm
Height f: 81,5 mm
Finish: silver
color of facets: silver
Locking type: key
Construction: Technical drawing
Technical drawing
Horizontal clearance b: 19,5 mm
Depth e: 23 mm
Keyed alike: No
Shackle diameter d: 9,5 mm
Weight [g]: 310 g
Security Level Home Security: 8
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