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For all mountain bikers who prefer downhill action, ABUS offers the AirDrop full-face helmet. It offers safe all-round protection for all those who are into daredevil adventures.

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With the AirDrop, ABUS offers its first full-face helmet that provides the best protection even for your most daring jumps.

Enduro racers, downhillers, E-MTB riders and alpine adventurers are always pushing the limits of mountain biking. Increased protection used to mean heavy, hot and claustrophobic full-face helmets. The ABUS AirDrop, by contrast, features ASTM-certified DH safety levels with exceptional ventilation and trail-friendly weight. New technologies like our EVA collarbone protector inserts, breakaway visor attachments and side communication channels bring real benefits to bike parks and the backcountry. The QUIN version of our AirDrop offers the certainty that you are never alone on the trails. Because in the event of a fall, the smartphone sends a call for help to emergency contacts that you’ve previously defined. If gravity is the thrill you need, the AirDrop is the MTB helmet for you.


  • In-mould manufacturing for a durable connection to the outer shell with shock-absorbing helmet material (EPS)
  • Zoom Ace FF: Adjustment system to fit the head circumference
  • Collarbone protection edges
  • State-of-the-art QUIN technology: Integrated acceleration sensor that detects and measures falls. In the event of a fall, the system notifies a pre-defined contact person
  • Breakaway visor bolts
  • ASC - ABUS communication channels increase spatial awareness
  • Breathable cheek pad inserts
  • Design suitable for spectacles
  • Double D-ring buckle system
  • MIPS: Impact protection that protects the brain, especially when the cyclist's head hits the ground at an angle during a fall.
  • Ventilation: excellent ventilation through 11 air inlets and 6 air outlets
Tech Specs
backlight: No
design color: velvet black
Size: S | M
Helmet Visor: Yes
Smart: Yes
Head size: 52-58 cm
color of facets: black
Weight: 795 g
Helmet shield: No
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