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Moventor QUIN

This smart bike helmet has a built-in sensor that calls for help and can save lives.

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This ABUS Quin helmet provides a first-of-its-kind safety system with a holistic approach. Whether you have crash or need to stay on-the-move, this helmet has safety protocols that are there for you when you need them.

The fully integrated Q-Sensor is a ground-breaking addition to ABUS helmets that is capable of detecting when you’re in danger. The Q-Sensor employs a complex algorithm measuring factors like impact, changes in velocity, concussion threshold, rotational and a linear inertial changes and more. The ABUS Quin helmet alerts your emergency contacts of your situation and location so they can coordinate assistance.


  • In-Mold for a durable connection with the outer shell with shock-absorbing helmet material (EPS)
  • Ponytail compatibility: Helmet well suited for braided hairstyles
  • Good ventilation with 5 air inlets and 7 air outlets connected with flow channels
  • Semi-enclosing plastic ring connected to the adjustment system for optimum stability and form-fitness
  • Bottom edge protection: Protects the helmet from external influences
  • ActiCage: Structural reinforcement integrated in the EPS to optimise stability
  • Zoom Ace: Fine-adjustable adjustment system with non-slip adjustment wheel for individual fit
  • Smart Quin technology: The ABUS Quin helmet measures factors like impact and concussion threshold and alerts your emergency contacts of your situation and location.


  • The all-mountain-helmet fits with its characteristics to every race and is light, extremely comfortable and excellently ventilated
  • ABUS Bag available as accessory
Tech Specs
backlight: No
design color: polar white
Size: M
Helmet Visor: Yes
Smart: Yes
Head size: 52-57 cm
color of facets: white, black
Weight: 280 g
Helmet shield: No
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