Padlock GRANIT™ 37/55 S&S Code Card Plus LED-lighted key LED-lighted key

GRANIT™ 37/55 S&S

The ABUS GRANIT™ 37/55 S&S Padlock is designed to meet the highest security requirements and also fulfils the special requirements of insurance companies.

All varieties for GRANIT™ 37/55 S&S

The ABUS GRANIT™ 37/55 S&S meets the highest security requirements for a padlock, even under extreme weather conditions.

Like all padlocks in the ABUS GRANIT™ series, the 37/55 Sea & Snow also offers maximum security against tampering. The high-quality ABUS Plus disc cylinder, with more than 250,000 different key variations, provides the lock with a high level of protection against intelligent break-in attempts and picking. The special corrosion protection makes this padlock the ideal companion for regions with particularly harsh weather conditions and for outdoor use at sea or in the snow.

  • Made in Germany
Awards & partner
Awards & partner


  • Highest levels of quality assurance
  • ABUS Plus disc cylinder: maximum precision for securing against intelligent attempts to break open, up to 250,000 different key variations
  • Double ball locking
  • Shackle and body made from hardened alloy steel
  • Black Granit protection for even more corrosion resistance
  • RK: cylinder can be re-keyed to match an existing key
  • Two keys are supplied with the lock, one with LED light


  • Securing larger valuable objects
  • Securing objects with very high risk of theft
  • Special insurance company requirements


  • You can order several keyed-alike locks. That means that a single key or mechanism can be used for several locks.


  • 36/55, 36/55HB50, 37/55, 37/55HB50, 37RK/55, 37RK/60, 37/60HB75
Tech Specs
Width a: 62,5 mm
Vertical clearance c: 26,5 mm
Depth e: 31 mm
Keyed alike: No
Security Level Home Security: 10
Horizontal clearance b: 27,5 mm
Shackle diameter d: 11 mm
Height f: 84 mm
Weight: 415 g
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