Brake disc lock 37/60HB70 Maxi yellow Code Card Plus with key

GRANIT™ Quick 37/60HB50 Mini yellow

The GRANIT™ Quick 37/60 Maxi + Mini is available in a compact version and also in an even smaller version – modern, portable and secure.

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The GRANIT™ Quick 37/60 Maxi + Mini secures your bike with the smallest dimensions imaginable – after all, your storage space is limited.

It’s amazing what you can fit securely into the GRANIT™ Quick 37/60 Maxi + Mini, especially the mini version: 11mm hardened steel shackle, double shackle locking, ABUS Plus cylinder with tamper protection. All built in proven ABUS quality.

Thanks to the rubber inlays on the side, the GRANIT™ Quick 37/60 Maxi + Mini fit comfortably in your hand, despite their small size. The LED torch key provides you with the light needed for securing and unlocking, even at night. And the Memory Clip prevents you from driving away before removing the GRANIT™ Quick 37/60 Maxi + Mini from your brake disc.

  • Made in Germany
Awards & partner
Awards & partner


  • 7/16" padlock with shackle protection (33/64" with the Pro version)
  • Double-locking mechanism securing the shackle in the lock body
  • The shackle, the sleeves in the cover, the lock body and the structural parts of the locking mechanism are manufactured using specially hardened steel
  • Excellent grip thanks to the rubber inlays on the side
  • ABUS Plus cylinder for exceptionally high levels of protection against manipulation attempts such as picking
  • Two keys are included in the scope of delivery
  • ABUS Code Card for additional and replacement keys
  • A Memory Clip to prevent you from accidentally pulling away with the motorbike still locked is included


  • Great protection where there is a medium risk of theft
  • Recommended for attended car parks or short stays


  • You can order a keyed alike system of serveral (not all) different lock types. All locks of this keyed alike system can be open by the same key.
  • To increase security during longer parking times, you should lock your motorbike to a fixed object with an additional lock
  • This lock is also available in a shorter “Mini” version
Tech Specs
design color: yellow
Weight [lbs]: 1.33 lbs
color of facets: yellow
Locking type: key
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