KeyGarage™ 797 SMART-BT with keys KeyGarage™ 797 SMART-BT KeyGarage™ 797 SMART-BT KeyGarage™ 797 SMART-BT with keys

797 SMART Bluetooth®

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Smart means keeping it simple: Our KeyGarage™ 797 Smart-BT can be operated over Bluetooth® via an app.

Our KeyGarage™ 797 Smart-BT with shackle is a great option for holding up to 20 keys, three car keys or up to 30 plastic cards on a temporary and flexible basis for various groups of people. Simply attach to doorknobs, railings or handles. As an admin, you can generate a six-digit key code for others in the app. This will give them access to whatever is stored in the smart KeyGarage without the use of a smartphone; e.g. for guests in a holiday rental, workers, cleaning service, mobile care services and more. Another option is to send an electronic access ticket via the app. Our Bluetooth®-KeyGarage has the current most secure AES-128-Bit encryption. Inside there are two hooks for keys. The batteries can be changed any time without having to open the KeyGarage™ 797 Smart-BT. We recommend using the KeyGarage™ 797 Smart-BT in a protected outdoor area.
  • Made in Germany
Application example - KeyGarage™ 797 SMART-BT


  • Large, sturdy metal housing
  • Illuminated electronic keypad for entering a 6-digit key code
  • Manage and use the KeyGarage™ using the HomeTec Pro Bluetooth app
  • Generate and send individual access tickets or a 6-digit code for multiple users
  • View the log access history and current users
  • Capacity for up to 20 keys, 3 car keys or 30 plastic cards
  • Integrated key hooks for hanging up keys/key fobs
  • Automatic locking
  • Battery compartment for 2 x AA batteries, accessible from the outside


  • For safely storing keys or small valuable objects for authorised persons
  • Fast and easy access for groups of people that change frequently (e.g. workers, service, holiday guests, vehicle rental, multi-family homes, care services)
  • Access option of generating and sharing a key code or of sending an electronic access ticket through the HomeTec Pro Bluetooth app
  • Mounting with shackle for flexible and temporary use in indoor and protected outdoor areas (e.g. on doorknobs, railings or handles)
  • Store whole key fobs thanks to the large compartment inside


  • Color: black-silver
  • 787 SMART-BT: KeyGarage™ for wall mounting
Tech Specs
Width a: 82,5 inch
Vertical clearance c: 49 inch
Height f: 179 inch
Maximum Capacity (Keys): 20
Shackle diameter d: 8 inch
Construction: Technical drawing
Technical drawing
Horizontal clearance b: 40 inch
Depth e: 63 inch
Maximum Capacity (Code Cards): 30
Finish: black-silver
Weight [lbs]: 1.96 lbs
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