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Locker Protect your valuables

Protect your valuables against opportunistic theft: Padlocks can be used to easily and securely protect lockers from unauthorized access.

Lockers are available virtually everywhere. Whether in the changing rooms at the gym, public institutions such as swimming pools, industrial companies, public authorities, in some supermarkets, in museums, in saunas or at school.

For a museum, lockers are a good way for visitors to lock away their backpacks or handbags before entering the rooms. That's how some thefts can be prevented. Schools use lockers to make life easier for students. This is because they can use them to store items they need for classes but would otherwise have to constantly carry with them back and forth between their home and school. For gyms, too, lockers are above all practical. After all, who wants to constantly keep an eye on their valuables on the cross trainer?

We offer a wide range of padlocks that are suitable for lockers.

Locking type
Security level
0 g - 1205 g
Bracket diameter d
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