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Logistics Integrated security

Protection and security for logistics companies

Logistics companies are exposed to fierce competition on a daily basis: Fast response times and maximum reliability are prerequisites for efficient goods management and thus indispensable for lasting success in the industry. Losses of parcels or general cargo not only cause financial damage and image problems, but also result in higher insurance premiums.

Expert partners with industry experience ©ABUS
Expert partners with industry experience We have partnerships with security professionals who have known our products for many years and have experience with security technology in logistics. You can rely on competent advice.
Service from your partner and the manufacturer ©ABUS
Service from your partner and the manufacturer Whether it's application questions or a lost key in your key system – our local partners and our Technical Field Service will help you reliably and quickly if you ever need our help.
Unrestricted data security ©ABUS
Unrestricted data security ABUS products meet the highest standards of data security, so that only authorized persons have access to your data.
Area of application
  • Value range

    Great values should never be left unprotected and unguarded. Solid container locks such as the Granit lock from ABUS protect containers from being broken into.

  • Outdoor use

    The outdoor area poses a high safety risk, especially in the dark. A high-quality key system integrating the entire logistics area protects against intruders.

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